About Catherine Jane Designs

Our British brand, Catherine Jane Designs, creates products that are timeless, beautiful pieces of artwork made in a sustainable manner that can be cherished for years to come. As William Morris said, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be beautiful or believe to be useful”. Catherine Jane’s products allow an appreciation of the subject; be that the alluring British nature surrounding us, the intricacy of your favourite collectable objects or iconic British buildings through detailed illustrations. Our artwork is understated, detailed and recognisable in order to bring timeless intrigue and curiosity. Our homeware brings beauty in pattern and colour to your home for everyday use on good quality, British made useable products.


After studying at Central Saint Martins and completing her degree in Textile Print Design, Catherine worked in the fashion industry. It was here where she was exposed to the fast pace and wasteful culture of manufacturing goods worldwide for big brands. This experience made her yearn to invest more time and thought in the initial design and developmental stage, enabling an idea to be refined and to create products in a more sustainable way. This approach where care, detail and a great deal of conscience are combined in all stages of a product manufacture means the final products bear more value to the end user. Along with the high quality, organic and sustainable materials used, this allows Catherine Jane’s products to have longevity.


All artwork and designs begin as hand drawn studies by Catherine in her Kent studio (her favourite part). For homeware, she digitally works original studies, creating patterns and adding colour. All products are manufactured in Great Britain, as close to home as possible to reduce our carbon footprint and to support our local economy and manufacturing. Sustainability is very important to us; see our sustainability policy for more details. 


We make a donation to Cancer Research UK with every purchase, so not only are you supporting a small, local business and the top quality businesses in England we work with, but also contributing to the incredible work the worlds leading Cancer charity take on too, so thank you!


Thank you for taking the time to read about Catherine Jane Designs. We hope to be a brand you think about when it’s time to purchase a special gift or adorn your home with functional beauty.


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